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Father's Day pinterest craft projects 2012

Hey guys so I said in another blog that I had done some father's day crafts with the boys but I couldn't share them yet because hubby is nosey {lol} and would see them before he is supposed to so here is the blog with the quick craft roundup.

First one we did was inspired by this pin: Handprint Tree

First I drew the tree trunk and branches
Now in no way do I consider myself an I can't paint or draw for crap but I don't think this came out too bad..I just took the little foam brushes and the paint and kinda dragged it...(oh did I mention I got to use one of my awesome canvases that is already primed {LOVE}

Then I put some paint on paper plates and took the kid's hands and voila
So I didn't get as many hand prints as I wanted due to Liam refusing to participate (his hand prints are the blue ones (notice all the smudging lol) the green and yellow ones are Kam's (he actually had fun) Now if anyone can tell me how they can get the **perfect** hand prints that are from the original pins I would appreciate it. I practiced with Kam on regular paper first and you know it just doesn't happen lol I think it's cute, I want to add words but still need to figure out what I have that I can use.

Second project inspired by this pin: Rock paper weight

So if you know my kids you know they LOVE collecting rocks, no matter where we are so when I saw this I knew it would be perfecto! So we went to the playground and collected as many tiny rocks as we could. Then I laid them all out on the table to spell out my saying.
(sorry about the crappy pic, it was really shady where we were crafting outside)

I followed the directions from the original pin to make my dough and rolled it out and everything and then proceeded to add my rocks (since I added "our" I had to condense some letters and didn't use all the ones I had originally laid out. This is it before I put it in the oven:
 not too shabby..and this is it after it "finished" cooking:
Now I put 'finished' in quotes because after I had let it cool and everything when I was removing it I noticed it was still soft in the middle on the bottom and when I took it off some of it stayed on the sheet so now there is a chink missing on the bottom (still good, just not perfectly smooth and flat on the bottom) So I would recommend cooking it a bit longer..

Third project was his card, this is the inspiration pin: Candy Card

So I thought this was the cutest thing so I went and collected all the candies I could find following this cute story (I wasn't able to find now and later so I left that part out but I did add my own things at the end) I just bought a foam board from the dollar store so it would be sturdy enough to hold all the candies and used double sided tape to secure them.
It says: Dad, we were going to give you a {whopper}ing {100 grand} for Father's Day but the money slipped through our {butterfinger}s. We didn't have an {extra} {whatchamacallit} to sell and it wasn't {payday}. We didn't think a pet {kitkat}, a trip to New {york} or an {orbit} around the {milky way} would be appropriate . We do want to wish you {mounds} of {almond joy} as you eat this card. We hope it doesn't make you {rolo}ver and get sick. If it does we promise not to {snickers}. {kisses}oxo your {3 musketeers} AKA your {sweett(he)art} and your Irish {Twix}ns! Oh and {Reeses Pieces}

it came out okay, jumbled it a little bit, doing it again I would make it neater and probably do it on two poster boards just to give it extra space. Two days before father's day Kamden got into the Reeses peices so that one was messed up by the time Jason got it but he laughed and still thought it was cute. I like the way it came out and I like my add ons :)

This next pinterest project wasn't a father's day gift, just an art project but since it's Daddy related I figure I would post it here. Link to pin: Following in Daddy's shoes

I took one of Jason's boots (old work ones he now uses for when he rides his motorcycle) and generously painted the bottoms with paint (pain in the but because all the paint gets caught up in the crevices)
Here is my final product: [notice I am using the BEST and cutest way to display the kid's my blog post on it HERE]
(I used a cardstock piece of paper and it came out eh. I had issues with his boot actually leaving a print and then I outlined it because it looked worse without it, then Kamden was the only one I could get to do it (Liam refused as usual and I was not in the mood to fight him lol) I will probably try this again another time maybe when Liam has more interest in painting and stuff... oo oo I almost forgot another pin I tried [along the same lines] as this one...

Here is the inspiration pin: Handprint painting

Once again Liam refused but I made one of Me and Kam and Daddy and Kam here are the pics:

 Daddy and Kamden

Mommy and Kamden

They came out okay, I just used old scrap book pages (notice the holes on top) because I ran out of plain cardstock and figured why not, once Liam lets me get his hand prints I will make a big collage with the 4 prints and put them together in one frame (almost like this one HERE, blocked out like that but with opposite hands)

Well that concludes this to go write up the one for the kid's art display so I can add the link lol {just call me a slacker, I thought I had already done it..woops} Thanks for reading!! :)

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